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By Twinspires customer database hacked
2:02:52 PM
Like many of you, I got the letter too.

This initially had me scratching my head because I have never once used to place a bet. It turns out that I had given my ssn# to Brisnet several years ago as a requirement for playing in a few online contests there (before Twinspires acquired Brisnet.)

Q. What does the letter from Twinspires (and hackers breaking into the Twinspires database) really mean?

I think it safe to assume that someone unscrupulous has obtained my name, address, email, phone, ssn#, date of birth, and Brisnet/Twinspires account logon info.

I find it highly unlikely that whoever hacked into the Twinspires database will decide to use my Brisnet/Twinspires account logon info to log into the Brisnet site and download several hundred dollars worth of data files and/or handicapping reports.

That's not what hacking the Twinspires database is about.

I find it far more likely that whoever hacked into the Twinspires database will sell my personal info to someone (or multiple someones) who are likely to do far worse.

I fully expect that at some point in the future someone is going to pretend to be me and attempt to open up credit card accounts or obtain unsecured personal loans in my name. This will be done without my permission and without me even being aware of it until after the fact.

I further expect that this person (or persons unknown) are going to attempt to use these accounts opened up in my name (and without my permission) to obtain cash advances, purchase items that can be converted into cash, or possibly purchase expensive vacations. They will do this while pretending to be me - while running up substantial balances in my name - without ever once making a single payment to the bank or lender... leaving my credit report a shambles in the process.

THIS, my fellow horseplayers - is what hacking the Twinspires database is about.

Q. What should I do from here?

I did some poking around on the web and found what appears to be very good .pdf document on the US Gov FTC site.

What to do if your identity is stolen:

Jeff Platt
President, HANA



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