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By Trainer Jamie Ness 14 for 16
11:05:45 AM

HANA Blog:

"Being a racing database guy, I ran Nessís name through the database and found some mind blowing numbers. In the five day span beginning on May 11, 2012 and ending on May 15, 2012, Jamie Nessís horses won an amazing 14 races from 16 starts..."
--end quote



12:27:21 PM
At the recently completed Tampa meet, Ness was 65/110 on the dirt, almost 60% winners, with equally incredible streaks. In field sizes 8 or more about 72%!!

In my 40 years of horse race handicapping I have never seen anything remotely similiar. One might suggest he is overdoing it, whatever it is he's doing, drawing too much attention to himself.

Curiously, at Tampa on the turf this past meet, he was only 11/52. The previous year's meet he was about 35% winners on both surfaces.


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