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By Mangled Horses Maimed Jockeys - NY Times
1:23:15 PM

Read the comments from the general public beneath this (IMHO devastating) article. Then read some of the comments about the article posted around the web by people with close ties to racing.

For a reality check, compare the two.

One of the biggest problems racing faces is the huge disconnect between the way racing's decision makers see things vs. the way the general public (including the overwhelming majority of horseplayers) see things.

Must... stick... to... the... status... quo... even... if... it... kills... us.



jager fury
10:29:31 AM
This is an important article, and as a better of horse races, it gives me great concern. Forget the fact that this blatant disregard for health, and safety will force the sport to be outlawed eventually, it demonstrates the people involved in profiting from this business are morally bankrupt, and should not receive tax payer funds.


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