screenshot: JCapper2007 Main Module (demo version)



JCapper Main Module



General Overview


Demo Version License

The Demo Version is designed to give you every chance to evaluate the power and effectiveness that JCapper2007 has to offer and to allow you to see for yourself whether or not JCapper2007 is right for you.


With a JCapepr2007 Demo, you can download and unzip data and results files, Build a Database using your data and results files, run simple and complex queries against your database, and create your own User Defined Models or UDMs. You can test your UDMs against your database by running them through the Data Window. However, a Demo Version license does not allow you to run and view same day race reports. That privilege is reserved for Registered JCapper Program Owners only. At any time, should you decide to become a Registered JCapper Program Owner, contact me. I will be more than happy to activate your user account (usually within 24 hours) so that you can run and view same day race reports.


The JCapper Demo Version comes with a free license good through the expiration date shown on the Main Module screen. The Demo Version will stop running (self expire) after the expiration date shown on the face of the screen. If for some reason, perhaps due to a busy work schedule or something similar, you do not get the chance to really evaluate the Demo Version during this time period, please contact me. Requests for Demo Version time extensions are handled on a case by case basis.


JCapper is copyrighted software. The Demo Version License is a single user license for a single computer only. No portion of any of the JCapper modules may be reproduced or redistributed in any manner whatsoever without the program author's expressed written permission.


The JCapper Modules

The JCapper Main Module is designed to provide the user an interface to running each of the modules that, collectively, make up the JCapper program as a whole. Each JCapper module can be launched either by clicking the button for that module or by clicking the menu item for that module from the pull down menu located on the upper left hand corner of the Main Module Screen. The location of the buttons and menu items are placed on the screen according to the natural sequence of events that players would logically follow to perform the individual tasks needed to use handicapping software as a tool for playing the races each day.


The following table lists out each JCapper Module along with a brief description of the task it was designed to perform:


Module Task Description

File Downloader Downloading, Unzipping, and Loading Data Files

File Unzipper Finding and Unzipping Files At Will

Card Loader Loading Data Files for Today's Races

Manual Changes Manually entry of Scratches and Races Taken Off the Turf

Scratch Parser Importing Scratches directly from the Bris scratches web page

Scratch Bot Browsing and importing scratches and changes

Profile Marker Identification of Horses that fit UDM Definitions

HTML Report Builder Creation of Reports

Report Viewer Viewing and Printing of Reports

Live Play Module Live Odds Play or Pass Decision Making

Dutching Tool Calculation of Dutch Win Bets

Workfile Builder Matching of Data Files to Results Files

Results File Importer Merging of Results Files into the Database

Database Builder Database Creation from Data and Results Files

Quick Index Extract Creation of Quick Index Files

Data Window Performing Research/Querying the Database

UDM Wizard Creating and Editing User Defined Models (UDMs)

Profile Table Interface Creating and Editing User Defined Models (UDMs)

System Settings Storing System Settings




Buttons on the Main Module

Each of the buttons on the face of the JCapper Main Module will launch the module that corresponds to the name displayed on the face of the button. The buttons located in the left side button stack of the Main Module are associated with the day to day tasks needed to compile information needed for looking at today's races. The buttons on the right side button stack, with the exception of the Dutching Tool button, are associated with performing those tasks related to creating and maintaining a database.


The following table details the button name to the Module(s) that are launched when the button is clicked.


Left Side Button Stack


Button Module/Routine

File Downloader File Downloader is launched

File Unzipper File Unzipper is launched

Card Loader Card Loader is launched

Clear Export File Export File is cleared

Manual Changes Manual Changes Module is launched

Scratch Parser Scratch Parser is launched

Scratch Bot Scratch Bot is started

Calculate Races The following tasks are fired in sequence:

*Export File is created

*Profile Marker is launched and run

*HTML Report Builder is launched and run

Build Export File Export File is created

Profile Marker Profile Marker is launched

HTML Report Builder HTML Report Builder is launched

Report Viewer Report Viewer is launched


Right Side Button Stack


Button Module/Routine

Help Documents Help Doc Viewer is launched

Live Play Module Live Play Module is launched

Dutching Tool Dutching Tool is launched

Build Database The following tasks are fired in sequence:

*Workfile Builder is launched and run

*Results File Importer is launched and run

*Database Builder is launched

*PlayList File is created

Create PlayList File PlayList File is created

Quick Index Extract Quick Index File Extract Module is launched

Data Window Data Window is launched

UDM Wizard UDM Wizard is launched

Profile Table Interface Profile Table Interface is launched

System Settings System Settings Interface is launched



*Auto Sequencing

The Calculate Races button, when clicked, creates an Auto Sequence where multiple modules are called and run. To calculate races after getting scratches, it is necessary only to click the Calculate Races button. Doing so will create the Export File and launch and run both the Profile Marker and the HTML Report Builder. The Calculate Races button and Auto Sequencing was added in September 2004 to make JCapper easier to use.


Use of the individual Create Export File, Profile Marker, and HTML Report Builder buttons is no longer really necessary. The original separate buttons, however, remain on the Main Module Screen to accommodate those users who became accustomed to them and who still prefer to use them separately