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By Trainer-Jockey Ratings
1:21:40 PM
Reading over the HDW Field map, I see that fields 26-27 are supposed to contain trainer and jockey ratings. However I haven't
been able to get them to appear. Any help is appreciated.

12:55:43 PM
Currently, as I type this, the only place the A/E Rider Profile Rating or A/E Trainer Profile Ratings appear in JCapper Silver are in the stat boxes for both rider and trainer when PPs are generated in the PPS Generator when you are operating JCapper in SQL Mode. (I'm guessing that's what you are referring to in your above post.)

To get the ratings inserted into your .JCP files:

In the Enhanced Settings Module there's a setting labeled Rider-Trainer A/E Rating History Type where you have the ability to select a time frame to be used by the Interface when it generates the rating.

A/E stands for Actual vs. Expected and when you select something other than "0 None" as your persisted setting:

The Interface will compile stats for each rider and each trainer by querying your StarterHistory table each time you run a Build .JCP File Routine after downloading files from the HDW site.

After stats are compiled, the rating is calculated for each rider and trainer - and then the ratings themselves are written to the JCP file.

If the setting in the Enhanced Settings is persisted as "0 None" - the interface bypasses this step during a .JCP File Build Routine - and the ratings are not written to the .JCP file.

FYI, toggling this function "on" in the Enhanced Settings Module causes an increase to the amount of time it takes to build each .JCP File... how much of an increase depends on the capabilities of your machine. Some older machines may slow to a crawl. However, on most newer machines the time increase isn't that bad.

If you are running JCapper Platinum Build 198, the A/E Rider Profile Rating and the A/E Trainer Profile Rating are "grab-able" so that you can use them as inputs in UPR Tools when creating UserFactors or UPR.

The handles for these factors are:



Currently, as I type this:

These handles are enabled for behaviors involving rank, numeric value, and gap --

But these handles still need to be enabled for Behavior 3 - Translate.

I also need to add these handles to the factors drop downs in UPR Tools.

Fyi, even though handles for these two factors haven't yet been added to the factors drop downs in UPR Tools:

They CAN be hand keyed into any of the factors boxes in UPR Tools.

Fyi, getting these two handles enabled for Behavior 3 Translate and getting them added to the factors drop downs in UPR Tools is on my to do list... and you'll likely see this in the next program update.



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1:44:36 PM
Thank you very much Jeff

9:37:17 AM
Thought it might be a good idea to post the requirements for getting these ratings inserted into .JCP files --

Before you can expect the interface to populate fields 26 and 27 in the .JCP file with A/E rating for trainer and rider:

1. You need to persist something other than "0 None" for the Rider-Trainer A/E History Type setting in the Enhanced Settings Module.

Link to screenshot of my Enhanced Settings Module taken a few minutes ago:

2. You need to be operating JCapper in SQL Mode. (Pull up the User System Definitions Screen, check the Operate JCapper in SQL Mode button, and Save.)

3. You need to have data for riders and trainers sitting in your StarterHistory table.

Otherwise, when you run a .JCP file build routine with the right settings persisted -- when the interface tries to compile rider and trainer stats from your StarterHistory table, every rider and every trainer is going to have 0 starts -- and as a result -- the interface is going to insert 0's into your .JCP files.

The best way to get data into your StarterHistory table is to be running regular Build Database routines as outlined in the Building JCapper Databases Help Doc

It's not rocket science. You just need to understand what mode to use and why. (Specifically: Modes 3, 4, and 5.)

That's it!




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