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By Stronach Tracks - Boycott
5:40:36 PM
Currently Derby Wars and Horsetourneys lost a legal battle with Frank Stronach and those contest sites are not allowed to use all Stronach tracks for their contests.
If he doesn't want contests he loses my wagering on his tracks.
Just wondering if any others felt the same
To my knowledge his tracks are GPX-SAX-LRL-GGX
I may have missed some.

10:59:50 AM
There are plenty of other tracks out there and Derby Wars is still offering tournaments. (Just not on Stronach content.)

The thing that kills me is NO ONE at The Stronach Group, CDI, or any of the independent thoroughbred tracks for that matter seems willing to innovate - in ANY area.

EDIT: I take that back. Oaklawn did try reduced vig for their on track show pools this past meet. (That's something at least.)

That said, the only entities in thoroughbred racing doing any real innovating are:

Sites like Derby Wars -- tournaments, always trying new tournament formats, reduced rake vs. the parimutuels, etc.

ADWs -- if your handle volume is high enough many offer cash rebates and free past performance info. Even at min volume thresholds most offer improved wagering interfaces vs. the old school standard wager pad which allows for rapid ticket construction. Most now offer other perks like text file upload and free race replays, etc.

Data Vendors -- HDW, DRF, Brisnet, etc. have been quite willing to innovate. (Some more than others.) I can't even count many different things and special processes HDW has put in place over the years at my request. Even Equibase has gotten in on the act. (The Scratches and Changes XML feed is just one example.)

But The Stronach Group?... CDI?... Innovate?

Umm... That'd be a big fat no.

What kills me is that The Stronach Group, CDI, and let's not forget HORSEMEN...

Instead of innovating:

They have made a concerted effort to thwart innovation and clamp down on sites like Derby Wars, ADWs, and yes even Data Providers like HDW.

Of course when they win in court (like the recent Derby Wars case) they get a "victory" they can point to.

But at what cost?

While it's clear from their actions that The Stronach Group and CDI think sites like Derby Wars and ADWs (not theirs of course but independently owned ADWs) are BAD for racing and need to have their content pulled, be charged higher rates, and/or be shut down...

I would argue that BECAUSE sites like Derby Wars and independently owned ADWs are the only ones innovating:

They -- and not the tracks -- have had the effect of actually creating interest and drawing eyeballs to the product among us fans and bettors.

In my opinion each and every "victory" like the recent Derby Wars case only serves to create badwill among the customer base:

And in turn has the effect of causing us bettors to collectively lose interest in thoroughbred racing and BET LESS than we were betting before.

North American thoroughbred racing handle peaked at just under $16 billion in 2003. And it's been shrinking at the rate of about 4% per year ever since. 2017 should come in somewhere between $10b and $11b.

Unadjusted for inflation that's a 33% loss.

Adjusted for inflation that's about a 50% loss.

So far as a boycott...

I say use your handle dollars to vote your conscience. (I know I do.)

So far as an organized boycott...

I'm not sure it would have the desired effect.

Adjusted for inflation: Racing has already undergone a 50% handle loss.

The market is speaking.

The question is:

Is anyone at The Stronach Group or CDI listening?



~Edited by: jeff  on:  6/12/2017  at:  10:59:50 AM~

8:02:49 PM
Excellent points Jeff. Have to completely agree.
At this time Derby Wars say they are negotiating with Stronach tracks. Also with Belmont.

6:58:07 PM
An update... article by Frank Angst | June 30th 2017
Several Tracks Reach Deals With Contest Site Derby Wars:

"Horse racing contest site announced June 30 it reached partnership agreements with several tracks and racing associations that will allow the site to use those racing signals as part of its handicapping contests.

The agreement comes just over two weeks after Derby Wars owner Horse Racing Labs agreed to pay The Stronach Group at least $500,000 to resolve a lawsuit brought against the contest site, which had used signals from Stronach-owned tracks without permission or compensation.

On Friday Derby Wars said partnership agreements were reached with New York Racing Association, Monmouth Park, Meadowlands, Ellis Park, Kentucky Downs, Louisiana Downs, and Fairmount Park. The agreements include revenue-sharing with the tracks and horsemen for use of their races in contests at, as well as video and data sharing opportunities to enhance customer experience."
--end quote



10:53:49 PM
Old Thread, but thought to add something though new here.

Using Jcapper for a short while now, (did a simulated betting Weekend for my self last week, redboarding I know, Friday 2/3 won, one at 10.5 to 1, great, Saturday nobody won, 0/4. if I was playing live id have been buoyed by Friday betting more heavily into a losing Saturday, then Sunday, thankfully the last race of three was a winner, overall would have made 80% flat betting, but I've played long enough to know that's not how I would have played it, but im learning a lot now, so patience, learn ok back outside the brackets) I can see possibilities for tournaments, competitions etc. The Showvivor for free at Santa Anita for example easy way to test oneself.

I was talking with friends recently about the demise of Sears, the original Amazon if you think about it. We reflected on Kodak, an iconic name. I watched a Ted Talk re the majority always being wrong where I think the presenter nailed it, Organisations will either do more or less of what they do when in trouble but not something different. Innovation will not come from inside only outside.

11:17:51 PM
Just wanted to add, thanks to Jcapper the number of paper plays were reduced, because I learned 4/5 ways I used to play I should not be doing until I learn more.

Back to the thread, Horse Racing is so complicated, there need to be bets for casual players that mimic the experience of the slot machine, not sure something like bet to show, then some kind of lottery random number thing, 50% of the original winners get paid. People could bet 3 morning line favorites and hit and miss all day long like they do on slots or video poker, lose a little win a little, but enjoy the day.

When I volunteered with a football league for kids, was at the all stars practices one day with a parent and coach (way back) decrying why the Sharpie guy had been admonished. I said to him, well its a business, a sport and an entertainment business, they are not going to allow advertising they don't receive revenue for to occur on their venue. He told me he never thought of that.

I Think Horse Racing is like that, they do not see themselves as competing for entertainment dollars, even though for me the show is great its not for a lot of people. Why not they should ask themselves.


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