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By Article about Google DeepMind
11:16:00 AM
Google's AI Plan Could Make The Co World's Most Powerful Entity (GOOG):

"London-based brain-tech company DeepMind was founded in 2010 and acquired by Google in 2014 for more than $500 million. Right now, DeepMind has over 400 research engineers and scientists, more than 250 of them with PhDs, making this pool of human resources arguably the most formidable collection of scientific brain power focused on a single subject: artificial intelligence. DeepMind is also a fusion of the best scientific thinking of academia with with the speed and focus of the best Silicon Valley startups.

The company's mission involves a two-step process. First, they intend to solve intelligence by understanding natural intelligence, then recreating it artificially. Second, they intend to use AI to solve everything else."
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