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By Running my handicapping thru data the window
8:43:28 PM
Somewhere here I read a piece about running my own handicapping thru the data window by creating a csv file. I can't find it now. Can someone tell me about the file structure... key fields, required fields, order etc. and the steps in Jcapper to accomplish this import.

10:50:06 AM
By "my own handicapping" do you mean individual horses identified as plays from outside of JCapper?

If that is the case:

Read the section beneath the Cross Platform Text File Import headline in the Data Window Exports Help Doc on the help docs page at

You'll need to create a text file (one row per horse) in the following format:
Field mapping of the data in the file is four data fields, each data field enclosed inside of quote characters, as follows:
Field Name Data Type Description
---------- ------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DATE TEXT 10 Chars "MO-DY-YEAR" (10 character date with MO DY and YEAR separated by dash character)
TRACK TEXT 3 Chars 3 character Track Code same as first 3 characters from data file name)
RACE TEXT 2 Chars 1 or 2 character race number (example: 10 indicates race 10)
HORSENAME TEXT 25 Chars Name of horse

And from there import that file into the Data Window using the procedure spelled out in the Help Doc.

If by "my own handicapping" you mean modeling JCapper data in a third party stat tool outside of JCapper -- then the first step would be exporting JCapper data to .csv file on your hard drive.

If that is the case you'll want to learn everything you can about the JCX File Exports Module - and the place to start would be the JCX File Exports Module Help Doc on the help docs page at



7:27:31 PM
Thanks Jeff


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