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By New Energy Source produces Megawatts, explains Dark Matter
7:03:56 PM
Just a heads up on some sci/tech I've been following for almost 20 yrs that is ready to take the world by storm. To put it in horse player terms it's a thousand to one overlay. It is described here:

I also recommend the company website

where you can find several brief videos displaying the dramatic energy release by going to the video section and scrolling down to July 2016. The reaction stops after 15 second because the tungsten electrodes don't merely melt, they are vaporized! He has since tamed the reaction and is ready for 2017 field unit trial.This scientist is explaining most of the biggest questions of modern science: what is dark matter, dark energy, why is corona of sun thousand times hotter than surface? His answers are not merely academic but the basis of an energy technology that will do for industrial progress what the computer did for pencil and paper.

Prepare to be amazed,


This appeared on CNN Jan 1

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