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3:37:13 PM

Is there a way to show exact ranks over 9 instead of just showing an (x) ?



4:41:18 PM
There's not. (At least not a way that's built into the program.)

Ranks 1-9 are displayed on the html report.

But - as you pointed out - ranks 10 and higher display as (x) on the html report.

FYI, the reason for this dates back to when I first created the html report back in 2002 or so.

At the time I was trying to compress as much info on the report as possible and still have all of it print out on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.

Sometimes, depending on the number of characters in names for horse, rider, or trainer, some of the info wouldn't fit on the printed pages that I'd take to the track or otb with me..

As stupid as it sounds... I discovered that by displaying ranks as (x) in small font as opposed to (11) in the same font I could get everything to fit on the printed pages I used to carry around with me.

Now you know why I did it that way.

There is a work-around that I occasionally use for stuff like this.

Suppose you have PaceFig assigned to F10 and - because of something you noticed in the Data Window or Wager History Module - you need to see exact rank for that factor on the html report for live play decision making purposes.

Create a UDM named something like PFig-10, color code it so that you know at a glance what type of UDM it is - check the deny text box on the Modify Screen of the UDM Wizard to keep it off the Text Report and the SQL UDM Plays Report - and base it on something like the following expression:


From there - after you run a Calc Races - any horse that happens to be rank=10 for PaceFig or whatever factor you assigned to slot #F10 will be flagged by that UDM on your HTML Report.

To do the same thing for ranks 11-12-13-14, etc, - create the same type of UDM for each of those ranks using the same strategy...

A UDM named PFig-11 for rankf10=11...

A UDM named PFig-12 for rankf10=12...

A UDM named PFig-13 for rankf10=13...

A UDM named PFig-14 for rankf10=14, etc.

All of that said - I would be willing to add an ON/OFF setting to display exact rank in the Enhanced Settings Module in one of the upcoming program updates...

When that setting is set to ON: if rank for one of the factors on the report is 10 or higher - exact rank would display on the html report.

And when that setting is OFF: if rank for one of the factors on the report is 10 or higher - rank would display as (x) - same as it does now.



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8:47:46 PM
Thxs Jeff


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