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By Congrats Charlie Davis
9:48:21 AM
Charlie finished second overall this past weekend in the 2016 Handicapping Challenge at Del Mar.

Tournament format: $7,000 Buy-In. $5,000 of that becomes the player's live bankroll and the remaining $2,000 goes towards the prize pool.

Final Standings - Top 5:




4:06:08 PM

7:59:24 AM
Well Done Charlie.
Always great to see a JCapper name on the leaderboard

9:43:16 AM
Thanks guys. While it was really sickening to lose by $29, I can't complain about the weekend. Played well, got my money in when I had a strong opinion, just needed the last race to play out a little different.

10:01:37 AM
If anyone is curious how/what I played, here you go:

Day 1

I only really liked the last race of the day, but wanted to get some bets out of the way asap.

In the 5th I bet 500 to win on the 1 to get one out of the way. Winner, profit 2,250.

In the 6th I played 2 exactas. 300 on 8/7, 200 on 8/6. Thinking was, get another play out of the way, if I'm right, I really get paid. Both losers. -500

In the 9th, I figured I'd get one more play out of the way, with little downside, and a lot of upside. I bet 400 to show on Dortmund, and 50 to show on the 5 and 7. Bet 500, lost 25. I'm fine with that because of the upside.

Now the 10th. I loved the 4, but really liked the 9 as well. Wanted to maximize that opinion, so I bet 500 to win on the 4, 200 to place. Then I bet a 200 exa 4/9, and a 140 exa 9/4. Followed that up with tri's of $25 9/4,6/4,6,8 and $15 tri's of 4/6,9/6,8,9. Hit my place bet, backup exacta, and backup tri's. Nice profit of $5,445

Total at the end of day 1 is $7,170 profit for $12,170. Wanted to be in 5-figured by the end of the day, only liked 1 race, so very successful day 1.

Day 2

Wanted to make a move because I knew people would be firing away. Day 2 was time to be more aggressive. The 5th was my key race, other than the last that I knew I'd have to unload on.

In the 1st I thought the 5 was an easy winner, but how to get paid. I played a $100 tri 5/4/7, and a $100 tri 5/4,7/3,4,7. The damn 6 ruined that great idea, -500.

In the 3rd, I again though I had the race locked down. $200 tri 1/5/4,6. $100 tri 5/1/4,6. Totally screwed that one up. -600

The 5th was my Key Race time. I bet $200 WP on the 6, and a $50 tri 6/2,3/1,2,3,5. With a backup tri of 2,3/6/1,2,3,5. Big profit of 8,190.(Should've been more and this was my 1 mistake of the tournament)

I really liked the 2 in the 6th, so I played $200WP and some exactas and tris. -520

In the 7th I made a really stupid bet without thinking it through. I figured 5 was another easy winner and I bet a cold 5/8 $75 exa before I could get anything else in. It was a loser and I should've just passed because I didn't have the time or the confidence in the bet. -75

9th I took a little flyer and bet a 100 exa, another loser -100

10th was the big race. I was 4K out of 1st and my goal was to make 7K in the worst case scenario. I loved the 11 at a huge price, so here are my bets in that race, all losers except the bold one.

200 wp 11

200 6/8,10 Winner
200 8/6,10
100 8/11
100 10/4

100 8/10,11/4,6,10,11
50 6/4,8,10/1,4,8,10
50 10/4,6,8/1,4,6,8
25 6,8/6,8,10/1,4,6,8,10,11

All losers but the $200 6/8 EXA which paid 6,240. Profit of $2,640

Only mistakes were my key race on day 2, my brain fart in the 7th, and passing a few races I should've just bet a little on like the 8th where the only 2 horses I had written down were the 6 and 2. Overall, pretty solid weekend.


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