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By The July 2016 HANA Monthly
7:36:57 PM
Welcome to the July 2016 Issue:
This is our Saratoga issue, featuring page after page of stats over the last four meets. We also have analysis, tips, and strategies from NHC champion Paul Matties Jr., TimeformUS, and Lenny Moon, and Rich Nilsen offers you a guide to the area.

Also included is a Barry Meadow piece on carryovers, Rich Halvey's new way to play the pick 4, Jon Stettin's take on the "Killer B's" of bias and bounce, Scott Raymond's one habit and three reminders for the horseplayer, a discussion of what Vegas is doing right, Vin Rogers has the horse right here, and Rhonda Norby from Equibase gives you the details on STATS Race Lens.

Best of all - it's free. Get yours here:



2:58:16 PM
I read the "new" way to play a pick 4 and while the theory is sound it completely discounts the true reason people play the pick 4 in the first place: being able to pick multiple horses in a race. If you are playing just one horse every race then you are essentially playing an aggressive win bet strategy.

10:59:43 AM
Agree with you.

It's not a pick4 strategy.

It's a partial win parlay strategy spanning 4 to 6 races.

I think the strategy in the article offers recreational players a way to have some fun on those handful of visits to the track each year.

But for the serious player, or the + EV player with an edge:

I'd say the strategy in the article would be a really bad way to approach long term bet sizing.




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