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By PACEFIT Question
8:39:57 AM
Is Pacefit a factor that can be used in a UDM? If so do you know where I can find it. Thanks in advance.

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Tom C
12:13:19 PM
There is a factor named Compound Pace Fit that can be used in a UDM.

I am guessing that is what you are looking for.

Tom C

10:32:35 AM
Yes. Both Playlist File Mode and SQL Mode.

Playlist File Mode
On the Modify Screen of the UDM Wizard - open up the factors drop down - and begin keying in CompoundPacefit as your factor name. The dropdown responds to keystrokes. About the time you key in "co" (without the quotes) you should be able to see your selection.

From there, select "CompoundPacefit" (without the quotes) from the dropdown, check the active box, key in desired parameters for rank, numeric value, and gap - and hit the Save button.

EDIT - screenshot added:

SQL Mode
Simply reference the F-Slot number where PaceFit is assigned in your SQL Factor Setup.

For example, if PaceFit is assigned to F21 in your SQL Factor Setup, the following lines of sql can be used to set constraints for rank, numeric value, and gap:

AND RANKF21 <= 4
AND VALF21 >= 55
AND GAPF21 >= -25

Don't have PaceFit assigned to an F-Slot in your SQL Factor Setup? (And want to change that?)

Here's a link to a web tutorial for doing that:



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7:21:27 AM
Thanks Tom & Jeff. Compound Pacefit must be the one I was looking for. The Key Factors Report just lists it as Pacefit and I wasn't smart enough to figure it out.

Appreciate your help.


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