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By article about Google AI
9:50:06 AM
Interesting read from

by CADE METZ 11.10.15 700 AM

TensorFlow, Google’s Open Source AI, Signals Big Changes in Hardware Too:

"AI Everywhere
At the same time, TensorFlow is also pushing some of this AI out of the data center entirely and onto the smartphones themselves.

Typically, when you use a deep learning app on your phone, it can't run without sending information back to the data center. All the AI happens there. When you bark a command into your Android phone, for instance, it must send your command to a Google data center, where it can processed on one of those enormous networks of CPUs or GPUs.

But Google has also honed its AI engine so that it, in some cases, it can execute on the phone itself. "You can take a model description and run it on a mobile phone," Dean says, "and you don't have to make any real changes to the model description or any of the code."

This is how the company built its Google Translate app. Google trains the app to recognize words and translate them into another language inside its data centers, but once it's trained, the app can run on its own-without an Internet connection. You can point your phone a French road sign, and it will instantly translate it into English.

That's hard to do. After all, a phone offers limited amounts of processing power. But as time goes on, more and more of these tasks will move onto the phone itself. Deep learning software will improve, and mobile hardware will improve as well. "The future of deep learning is on small, mobile, edge devices," says Chris Nicholson, the founder of a deep learning startup called Skymind."
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