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By Woodbine Jacks Up Breeders Cup Takeout Rates
12:15:04 PM
According to the Woodbine website:

"Takeout rates for Keenelandís Breedersí Cup card at WEG outlets for Friday and Saturday are as follows: Place & Show 18%; Exactor, Double, Super Hi-5, Pick-4, Pick-5 20%; Triactor, Superfecta, Pick-3 27%.

Win (16%) and Pick-6 (19%) will be matched at the Keeneland rate."
--end quote

Woodbine announcing this at the last minute is just totally deplorable.



4:55:56 PM
I go to woodbine most weekends during the meet. One thing I have learned: if the executives that ran Woodbine were in any other line of business, they would be out of business.

For the most part, I am a win-place better so the news isn't bad for me. the pick 3 players are getting ripped off.

5:06:09 PM
I would agree that this is deplorable. I am in Alberta but we bet through HPI without any benefit of incentives that they mention.
WOX takeout rates are high for all exotics without them needing to raise them for BC event.
27% for exotics is outrageous.


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