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By UDM Wizard
1:06:25 PM
Is there a way in the UDM Wizard to see what factors you have selected as part of the UDM and/or remove a factor you have in there but changed your mind about?

2:52:07 PM
The UDM Wizard and Data Window are designed to be used in concert with each other...

To see the full UDM Definition:

Run a UDM through the Data Window.

The Data Window displays the full UDM Definition as part of the returned results set.

To edit a UDM Definition:

Bring up the UDM in the UDM Wizard's Modify Screen - select whatever factor you want to work with - change the definitions for that factor - and hit the Save button.

To check your work:

Simply rerun the UDM through the Data Window. When query execution is complete verify any changes that you made to the UDM Definition by looking at the returned results set.



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