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By Transfer files from one computer to another
5:45:43 PM
I have been working from my desktop but was curious how to transfer all the information from my desktop to my laptop. Is it possible to have the identical setup with a simple copying of files from one computer to another. How do I copy my UDM's from one computer to another.

11:08:57 AM
Yes. You can do that.

From a strategy standpoint I would recommend you would pick one machine as a 'master' and the other to use as a 'slave.'

Daily downloading of data and results files, build database routines, mods to your sql factor setup, custom html report, development of UDMs, and entries for UPR and UserFactors (if your are Platinum enabled) are performed on the master.

From there you can periodically update the slave machine simply by copying files from master to slave.

So far as getting good installs on both machines I'd advise against trying to copy program files from one machine to the other. Far better (and easier in my opinion) to install JCapper on both machines by logging into the message board and downloading/installing from the program downloads page.

That said... Once you have good installs on both machines, what files do you copy when you you update from master to slave?

Here's a link to an older thread titled File Space where you will find comprehensive background info about JCapper files and folders:

From the above linked to thread:

"Your Work:

Your work is contained in the following 2 .mdb files:

This file contains your UDM definitions as well as definitions for UserFactors and UPR.

This file contains your sql factor setup and definitions for your sql html report. This file also contains starterhistory table data... crucial if you are using the Data Window to perform R&D in sql mode.

Note that JCapper requires both of these files be present. Both must be in the path locations specified above in order for JCapper to run.

If you value your work (it's the one thing I can't replace for you) I strongly recommend making regular backups of these two files."
--end quote

Q. What files do you copy from master to slave when it's time to update the slave with content from the master?

A. Your two work files: c:\2004\JCapper.mdb and c:\JCapper\Exe\JCapper2.mdb.

Also from the above linked to thread:

"Data and Results Files:

All data and results files downloaded from your data vendor are sitting on whatever target folder you downloaded them to."
--end quote

Q. What files/folders do you copy from master to slave when it's time to update the slave with data and result files downloaded from your data vendor?

A. The easy way is to copy the entire (quarterly) data folders that contain data and result files from the master machine to a thumb drive and from there copy those folders from the thumb drive to the slave machine.




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