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12:00:35 PM
Can anyone tell me why when I add OL to my html report it only shows zero's? I have checked the box to 'display numeric value' but zero's still show on my html report. It has worked before so I'm sure I am forgetting something. JPR ML OL is selected on the system definitions screen. Any ideas?


4:08:47 PM
The one thing that comes immediately to mind would be an older (as in from the original program version) c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file.

Those old files do not contain data fields in the UserSYsDefs table to allow for setting and controlling the data items you are mentioning in your email and current post on the message board.

Couple of work-arounds:

1. You could try renaming your current c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file to something like c:\2004\JCapper_Saved.mdb to get the file out of the way.

IMPORTANT!: If you give this option a go it is a VERY good idea to not just rename the file but copy and paste a backup of the file onto another folder or thumb drive. Remember, the c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file is the file that contains your UDMs and UPR and UserFactor entries. Before messing with this file you should be acutely aware that this file contains your work and that backup copies are the best/only means of restoring the file in the event something goes wrong (like overwriting the file without having made a backup copy first.)

From there, you could copy the fresh blank current version (current for the latest build that you installed) JCapper.mdb (not JCapper2.mdb) file from your c:\JCappperBuild folder to your c:\2004 folder and see if doing that restores your ability to persist and use settings.

If that does the trick, from there you could use the UDM Wizard and UPR Tools Interfaces respectively to import UDMs and UPR GroupName entries out of your saved c:\2004\JCapper_Saved.mdb file into your current version c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file.


2. Alternately, you could email me a copy of the c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file that is giving you trouble and I could have a look - and go from there.



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