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By Closing Ratio Rank
2:54:19 PM
Does anyone know how I can rank closing ratio by lowest value(rank#1)to highest values(rank#10), using a userfactor? Preferably ignoring 0 values. Thanks

10:37:21 AM

"Does anyone know how I can rank closing ratio by lowest value(rank#1)to highest values(rank#10), using a userfactor? "
--end quote

Log into the message board, hit the search link, and do a search for the phrase "UPR Tools Video Part 2" (without the quotes.)

Then watch the video to get the requisite background info.

The video demonstrates creating a GroupName where the sum of rank for multiple factors are subtracted from a base number for each horse.

I think if you create the same type of groupname - but that if you use a single factor only - ClosingRatio - you will end up with something that behaves very close to what I think you are asking for.

When finished, your GroupName is going to subtract rank for ClosingRatio from a base number.


1. Make a backup of your c:\2004\JCapper.mdb file before getting started. (That way you have an easy recovery point should you wish to revert back to where you started from.)

2. Before creating any new entries, decide which of the 5 UserFactors you want to use for this and delete all existing entries for that UserFactor.

Example: If you are going to use UserFactor1 for this, use the interface to delete all existing entries for UserFactor1 before creating any new entries for UserFactor1. (That way you won't be mixing new UserFactor1 entries with existing UserFactor1 entries.)

From the video, Behavior 9 (subtraction from a base number) GroupNames are designed to work as follows:

1. The user persists two types of entries:

a. The first entry type is a single Behavior 7 entry where a base number (such as 1000) is defined.

The amount of the base number can be user defined (1000, 500, 100, 50, etc. are ALL valid base numbers) but the base number used in this entry should be high enough that the sum of all behavior 9 entries subtacted from it produces a resulting number that will be greater than 0.

b. The second entry type are Behavior 9 entries where a Factor Name and companion matched pairs entries are defined.

The Interface is designed to handle GroupNames having both an "a" entry and multiple "b" entries using the above info model in the following manner:

1. The "BASE" number defined in the Behavior 7 entry is recorded in memory.

2. Each current horse is then "scored" according to each of the active factor name/matched pair entries that make up the GroupName.

3. The sum of the "Scores" as determined in item 2 above is then subtracted from the "BASE" in item 1 above to arrive at the GroupName/Factor numeric value for the current horse being processed.

Put another way:

[UPR or UserFactor numeric value] = (BASE) - (sum of scores from matched pairs entries)

As mentioned above, your groupname will differ from the groupname shown in the video in that your groupname is going to have a "b" entry for a a single factor only: ClosingRatio.

"Preferably ignoring 0 values. Thanks"
--end quote

The way the interface is designed, there isn't a way to ignore 0 values in a UPR GroupName. Your best bet here (probably) comes into play if you create UDM(s) that reference the UserFactor. For example, first time starters have 0 values for ClosingRatio. (You can easily create UDMs that reference the UserFactor and exclude first time starters.)

Hope that helps,



4:14:50 PM
Thanks, Jeff. That'll work. Just got back from vacation to see your answer.


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