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By Post Time Problem
5:51:28 PM
This is probably an easy fix, but I can't figure it out.. I run in sql mode and when I run the udm by post time report it will not list any race with a post time before 1PM.. I have my time settting set to central standard time.. Races with post times such as 1120am do not get reported..

10:33:57 AM
If the "PPS Post Time Display" setting in the Enhanced Settings Module is "1 AM - PM" then post times inserted into your files at build time are text based (not numeric) and the interface has no choice but to sort them alphabetically. (abcdefg... and 12345, etc.)

If this is the case: UDM horses in races where the post time itself begins with a "1" character (such as the 1120am post time that you cited) won't be on the report where you intuitively expect them to be.

In an alpha sort the "1" character (for an "1120am" race) will likely be grouped in with races having post times of "1pm" but before races having post times of "2pm."

Hint: Try scrolling through the entire report slowly to spot them.

The solution to getting a true numeric sort on all reports is to use Military post times.

To enable sorting races on the html report (and the SQL UDM Plays Report) by true post time, in Enhanced Settings, use the following setting:

PPs Post Time Display
0 Military Time

Here's a link to an older thread where the same question was addressed:

"How do I prevent early races from showing up at the end of my report when sorting by post time? Often it is PHA/ Parx. I have tried to switch to military time but it still does it.
--end quote

Screenshot of my Enhanced Settings Module:

Note that the PPs Post Time Display setting is persisted as: 0 Military Post Time.

What does this setting do?

1. This setting controls post time format inserted into .JCP files when .JCP File Build routines are run.

2. Provided that a .JCP file loaded into the program was built in such a way that post times for the races inside are formated as military time - then JCapper programs handling said .JCP files - such as the Main Module (during a SQL Calc Races) and the SQL UDM Plays Report Module (when the UDM Plays by Post Time button is clicked) gain the ability to sort by numeric military post time as opposed to text based am/pm post time.

If you are seeing behavior at your end that is different than what I am describing - shoot me an email with some screenshots attached and we can go from there.

jeff @ jcapper . com
(remove the blank spaces first)

And before anybody asks...

Enhanced Settings Module:

Enhanced Settings Module:



12:00:10 PM
Set to military time and problem solved.. simple enough! Thanks!


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