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By Makes you wonder...
6:55:14 AM

I got a letter from Twinspires that says some of my bets didn't make it into tracks pool and they gave me a rebate.

How many times has this happen and they "didn't" tell us?

Dear Michael,

On Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29, a third-party vendor that provides TwinSpires' data connection to several host tracks from around the country experienced a significant failure. The result of these failures delayed the transmission of results and payouts to and caused some wagers that you placed to fail to merge with the pools at the host track.
We regret any inconvenience this outage may have caused you and have issued you a one-time, promotional credit of xxxx, which is equal to what your wagers would have paid had they been accepted by the host track, less the value of any losing wagers you may have placed on the affected races that have already been refunded to your account.
We realize you have a choice of wagering providers and are grateful you have chosen to wager with We will continue to work diligently with our vendors to ensure failures like those we experienced this past weekend do not interfere with your use and enjoyment of our products.
Finally, we hope you will join us for a fantastic holiday weekend of racing that includes:

1:24:43 PM
My understanding is that the text of the Interstate Horse Racing Act mandates that bet takers can only handle wagers if they are parimutuel. Interpretations of the statute have resulted in tracks, otbs, and ADWs refunding all wagers in cases where there is a "failure to merge" - which is what they are trying to tell you happened here.

When there is a failure to merge - that means the wagers in question did not make it into the pools - and would therefore not be considered parimutuel.

Put another way, if they failed to refund such wagers, they could be accused by the FBI or DOJ of booking the wager themselves (bookmaking) and would risk all kinds of trouble.

So no, I don't think they would knowingly fail to tell you there was a failure to merge and keep the bet for themselves if it were a loser.

Their risk for doing that is simply too high.



7:43:33 AM
Thxs Jeff for the info

but I am so paranoid about things like this
Ok, that thinking...
This is the first time in maybe 20+ years that I got a refund on something like this...
Tell me this never ever happened before!!!


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