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By Legislature Cuts West Virginia Slots Subsidy by Ten Pct
10:09:50 PM
WV Racing, Breeding Take 10% Revenue Hit:

"The West Virginia Legislature March 14 passed a fiscal year 2014-15 budget that will redirect 10% of racing's share of gaming revenue to other programs.

The bill passed the House of Delegates on a 75-16 vote and the Senate by a 29-5 margin. It is expected to be signed by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, who earlier proposed that a portion of gaming revenue be used to compensate for funding shortfalls."
--end quote



11:19:14 AM
The word "subsidy" which anti racing states have used incorrectly for years really bothers me.

First of all by their definition racing has long subsisidized the very states who repeatly create anti horse taxation and legislation. If the states no longer want to be susidized by racing then they can send back their portion of the takeout to the tracks. Why is this never ever mentioned? Thats before all the other taxes they collect too.

As far as slots and money supposebly diverted to horse racing these are legal agreements that were part of allowing slots in the tracks to begin with- because there was no willingness to put them somewhere else.

In Nj the Meadowlands would love to have Slot machines there. But the state has not allowed nor will allow because the Governors voting bloc is down south where the casinos fund their campaigns. There is no free market the state controls. Monmouth wanted to put in slots also and was going to pusue legally. Then there was an agreement between the state in which it was decided in return for NOT putting in slots we will give you a % of slot revenue in AC. They basically bought Monmouth off. This is back when Monmouth raced their purses significantly. Well didnt take long for Governonr and his cronies to renege and say why are we sending them anything. So they got all the papers on their side and started the "stop subsidizing horse racing" campaign, with naive or ignorant public jumping aboard. No one of course realizing the casino subsidies. This is a continued pattern across the board. Is so disgraceful and there needs to be indepth investigative journalism about. Someone could win a Pulitizer by shining a light on this BS


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