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By NHC Show Me the Money
11:02:25 AM
by Lenny Moon at Equinometry
NHC: Show Me the Money:

"Disclaimer: The following information was compiled from personal research of publicly available information along with information from industry sources that wish to remain anonymous. I do not claim this information to be exact but instead claim it to be the best estimate based on the information I have. The purpose of this post and the post to follow are to shed light on the topic of how much money is being taken out of the hands of those that fund the NHC and to give those players the opportunity to decide for themselves if the NHC is worth pursuing. Most importantly I would like to give the NTRA and DRF the opportunity to respond to the claims below either by replying in the comment section below or by providing a written response, which I will gladly post on this site in itís entirety without edits. Lastly all of the back-up information for this post and the follow on post can be found here."
--end quote




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