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By Horseshoes or homeroom?
8:28:08 PM
Bill would shift $250 million from horse racing to school districts:

"Since money from slots started pumping up purses for horse racing in Pennsylvania, the owners who took home a payday have included a sheik, a prince from the Middle East, millionaires and billionaires.

Proposed legislation would take nearly all of the money from the state's Horse Racing Development Fund and redirect it to school districts that receive less than 35 percent of their funding from the state..."
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Charlie James
4:01:21 PM
Pa. lawmaker proposes using horse racing funds for schools

"Someone said 'you might end up with a horse head in your bed,'" Stephens said, alluding to a gruesome scene from "The Godfather." "But we have a constitutional obligation to fund our schools, not to provide an economic incentive for one segment of one industry. Rather than funding the pastime of the world's wealthy and elite, I believe these funds should be used to fulfill our moral and constitutional obligations to our children and help reduce the burden of local property taxpayers in 211 school districts."
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