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By 2013 HANA Track ratings
1:24:39 PM

Picked up by The Blood-Horse...


The HANA Racetrack Ratings are based on an algorithm designed by HANA board member Bill Weaver, a retired engineer. Using studies and empirical data directly correlated to horseplayer value and pari-mutuel handle growth, key factors including takeout rate, field size, wager variety, pool size, and signal distribution are weighted.


--End Quote.

Keeneland Again Tops HANA Racetrack Ratings:



~Edited by: jeff  on:  4/5/2013  at:  1:24:39 PM~

8:53:13 PM
I am always amazed that Penn National gets away with a obsurdly high triactor takeout. They even raised it up to 31%!

On the good side, Woodbine recently announced they are lowering the Win % takeout to 14.95%. I just play Win bets ( or win-place if the odds are high enough ) and Woodbine is my home track so I am ecstatic about this.


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